For over thirty years, RRC has accumulated extensive experience in a wide variety of settings, including litigation support and expert testimony, business consulting, survey management and research, and health care consulting. RRC's clients have included industrial and banking giants, emerging businesses, major professional associations, and government agencies.

Economic Services

Litigative Economics

RRC has been successful in the analysis of issues such as contract violations, product liability and warranty, theft of trade secrets, discrimination, monopolization, price-fixing, monopsony purchasing, boycotts, licensing restrictions, and damage theories.

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Health Care Economics

Since its founding, RRC has been at the forefront of health care economic analysis and research.

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Research & Consulting Services

Survey Research

RRC has provided superior survey management and statistical analysis services to a variety of corporate and business/professional associations.

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Business Consulting

RRC employs advanced econometric and statistical techniques to assist corporate leaders in dealing with the uncertainties of a changing market environment.

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Honorable Mentions

$2 Billion Case Remanded - Testimony of Donald House, Sr. cited in the decision.

How Can an Attorney Best Utilize a Damages Expert?  by Clifford L. Fry, Ph.D.
This article is published in BullsEye,
a legal blog on expert topics published
by IMS ExpertServices.

Economic Testimony

There are times in which the economic expert is either unprepared or led into difficult positions. Likewise, there are times in which the cross examination opens the door for further damaging economic testimony. Over the years, we have compiled a list of pitfalls and successes among economic experts we have observed.

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